Condor sensor BEA

Motion & presence sensors for high-speed doors

The Condor sensor from BEA combines a radar motion detector and an active infra-red presence sensor in a single device. Reliable opening of your high-speed doors is guaranteed by the planar antenna. Pedestrians in front of the door are filtered out by the incomparable precision of the planar antenna. This means that your door only opens when you really want it to.

The presence zone of the infra-red technology detects every vehicle that is in the vicinity of the door. The presence detection means that the stop time of your high-speed door can be reduced and that it can be operated in a more energy-efficient manner.

The Condor sensor from BEA is of protection class IP65, a robust housing, immunity from door vibrations and disturbances in the environment. Hence the Condor sensor is perfect for use in industrial areas.

You can use the Condor motion & presence sensor for high doors up to 6 m. The Condor XL sensor is suitable for doors up to 3.5 m in industrial environments.

The motion & presence sensor can also be retro-fitted to existing doors – ask us for details