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Insect screen door – high-speed doors from HaWe Speed are required where air circulation is desired or required. Companies that are involved in the manufacture and/or processing of food or food packaging must comply with statutory regulations. Standards, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) (de) or IFS (Interested Featured Standards) (de) shall be observed by the operator depending on the specifications. The result of this may be that only doors that are fitted with insect screens may be installed.

The special door shutters with a 0.7 mm fine grid prevent any insects from getting into the areas that are to be protected. Furthermore, they let employees experience a pleasant airflow. HaWe Speed insect screens allow you to kill two birds with one stone!

Insect screen door as combo solution

If a sectional door or a roller door is already present in your facility, HaWe Speed insect screen doors can be easily retrofitted by our fitters. In this way, good air circulation can be guaranteed when the external door is open - especially when there are a lot of insects around and/or on particularly hot summer days.

Naturally, we can offer you a combo solution of sectional door plus insect screen door, or also a roller door plus insect screen door as a new door system. Simply get in touch with our sales team.

Minimum installation dimensions

Minimum installation dimensions are achieved by optimum combination of the components of the insect screen door. From a lintel clearance of 365 mm above the door, the high-speed door fits into almost every installation location.

Crash protection, threshold bar & bottom seal

The insect screen door from HaWe Speed is fitted with a crash mechanism as standard. The patented technology causes the door to jump out of the rails after a crash with e.g. a forklift. This reduces repair costs, as in most cases the door can be placed back in the guide rails by your own employees.

The threshold bar and the guide rollers ensure optimum door operation and perfect shutter tensioning of the insect screen door. The bottom seal is dimensioned in such a way that even larger areas of unevenness can be balanced out. This is particularly important with respect to the HACCP/IFS standard so that hygiene regulations can be fulfilled.

Drive and control technology

Our drive & control technology is calibrated to the application in each case. Our door systems are equipped with frequency-controlled drives as standard. This ensures particularly rapid opening and closing times of the insect screen door, and additionally protects the material of the door.

Naturally, our insect screen doors can also be equipped with other control technologies. Ask our sales team for more information.

For insect screen door systems that are used less often, our affordable alternative "SLOW" solution is available to you.

Light grids

The insect screen door is protected with light grids to protect people and material. These are installed in the lateral guide rails so that they are protected. The area beneath the door is permanently monitored by the light grids to ensure a safe working environment. This prevents undesired contact when the door moves down.

Special applications

When necessitated by the installation location, the steel parts of the insect screen doors can be produced in stainless steel (V2A). Hence you can also easily use our insect screen doors in the food industry. Delivery of the sensitive components such as drives and control systems of protection class IP 65/67 (de) is also possible.

Customisation of the shutter

Three different shutter colours are available for our insect screen doors. The web from which the door is made is highly tear-resistant with spaces of size 0.7 mm2 in between. These let the air through and reliably ensure that insects stay outside.

Colours for warning stripes can be chosen from a wide range to suit the company colours or the door's surroundings. This ensures that the closed insect screen door remains visible to persons and machines in all light conditions.


We will be happy to provide you with all of the details of the insect screen version of our high-speed doors. Our staff members will provide you with non-binding advice. Click here for our contact persons in sales. Get in touch with us.

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