High-speed doors - efficient door systems for industry

Nowadays, high-speed doors are an important component of the industrial door sector and are always used where classical roller doors or sectional doors are not suitable.

High opening and closing speeds and high cycle rates are just two of the main criteria that speak for the use of high-speed doors in comparison with other doors.

Advantages of high-speed doors

  • High speeds minimise the risk of accidents
  • Transport and material flow are optimised
  • Secure and process-controlled logistic processes
  • Reduced sickness rate due to draught protection
  • Reduced transmission of dust, noise, heat or cold between separated halls
  • Better energy regulation and energy saving

Why choose a high-speed door?

In recent years, sustainable construction has become more and more important. Terms such as thermal protection, efficient plant technology, energy saving regulations (EnEV 2009) have accompanied the construction and door sector for years. HaWe Speed high-speed doors and staff members will provide help, so that you no longer have to worry about environmental and energy questions in relation to door technology.

What sets high-speed doors apart?

Industrial door systems such as sectional doors or roller doors are often sold under the term "high-speed door". In contrast to classical high-speed doors, these doors are made from metal and do not reach the speeds of a high-speed door. In exchange, sectional doors and roller doors have better thermal insulation than a high-speed door.

In the classical use of the phrase, a high-speed door is a product that is made from a very special type of plastic and has very fast opening and closing times. In addition to the term "high-speed door", such doors are also sold under the terms "PVC roller door" or screen door.

The web material used for HaWe Speed high-speed doors is extremely tear-resistant and is suitable for even large door dimensions. Even in the case of doors with a width of 18 m or a height of 10 m, this special material should not tear at high wind speeds (101 km/h).

The second important parameter is the drive / control technology. Due to their low speed and differing drive technology, conventional sectional doors with torsion spring compensation or the classic metal roller door are not suitable for constant operation with continuous opening and closing of the door.

HaWe Speed high-speed doors are used as a component in production, for example. Used as a machine protection door or in conveyor technology, our doors manage workloads of 2 shifts / 6 days / 300 days, opening and closing every minute.

HaWe Speed has the perfect door for you for almost all application areas, even if it isn't a high-speed door. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the perfect door for your application.

Components of a high-speed door

The definitive components of a high-speed door are the shutter and the drive / control technology. Other components such as side panels, brackets, etc. are specially coordinated to the respective requirements.

Shutter tensioning

HaWe Speed has developed a patented system in the field of shutter tensioning. The automatic shutter tensioning ensures that the door shutters of our high-speed doors are optimally tensioned when closed.

This means that no belts, springs or other systems, that are prone to wear and are complex to install, are used. The guide rollers mounted on the roller shutter guarantee optimum shutter tensioning and, together with the wind protection, ensure stability in windy conditions, even at high wind speeds.

Light grids

HaWe Speed high-speed doors are equipped with a light grid to protect people and materials. The light grid is installed in the lateral guide rails so that it is protected. This prevents accidents caused by undesired contact when closing the door.

Alternatively, our high-speed door can also be supplied with contact strips. In this instance, transmission is possible via spiral cable or radio.

Crash protection

Our high-speed doors (up to 5 m door width) are fitted with crash protection, as standard. The patented technology causes the door to jump out of the guide rails after a crash. This technology reduces repair costs, as in most cases the door can be placed back in the guide rail by your own employees.

Threshold bar / bottom seal

Together with the guide rollers, the threshold bar ensures optimum door operation and perfect shutter tensioning. The bottom seal is dimensioned in such a way that even larger areas of ground unevenness can be balanced out. The door seal reliably prevents draughts from under the door, creating a more pleasant working climate and a reduced sickness rate.

Front cover

A front cover is supplied as standard to top off the styling of our HaWe Speed high-speed doors and to protect them from contamination. Our doors can be supplied with completely closed drive and shaft cladding on request. These protect against wind and weather and are legally prescribed for accident protection with doors under 2.5m tall.

Minimum installation dimensions

Minimum installation dimensions are achieved by means of optimum coordination of the individual door components. Depending on the model, our doors fit into a lintel clearance of 38 cm.

Wind protection

Wind protection in special solid shutter pockets is integrated into our high-speed doors. In conjunction with the guide rollers, these ensure that the doors can even withstand high wind loads (up to 101 km/h)

Viewing window

A viewing window made from high-quality PVC is located at the door height of 1.2 m - 2.2 m. On request, our high-speed doors can also be produced as completely opaque or fully transparent. For protection against insects, our doors can also be fitted with a continuous fly screen as a shutter material in the insect screen variant.

Drive and control technology

A drive and control system that is perfectly tuned to your requirements enables optimum door operation. HaWe Speed high-speed doors can be supplied with reversing contactor or frequency converter technology. All controls can be combined with all of our high-speed doors, please ask for details.

Range of colours

HaWe Speed high-speed doors can be delivered in 10 standard RAL colours. Other colours or advertising prints can be supplied for the high-speed door shutters on request.

Guide rails, drive and shaft cladding, front covers and the threshold bar can of course be supplied in a selection of RAL colours to fit in with your colour scheme.

Further information

Controls and sensors for our high-speed doors.

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