High-speed doors in emergency and escape routes

Attention! Non-approved products may not be installed without authorisation

The safe choice! High-speed doors in emergency and escape routes must guarantee that, when needed, people who are escaping find an opened door or that the door can be opened easily by pressing a button.

Escaping people are generally staff members and, in the retail sector, customers.


But be careful:

according to the legislator, high-speed doors in emergency and escape routes must be approved by the responsible authority during the planning stage of the project. In short: "The better and more secure the design, the better it is for authorisation." - The operator or owner of the facility is responsible for correct implementation and in particular is liable in the event of personal injuries that result from non-compliance with the regulations.

If the authority is also presented with a TÜV certification with the application,  then, as a rule, nothing more stands in the way of authorisation!

The HaWe-Speed 06 escape route door for emergency and escape routes is a "special door" for precisely this field of application! The door guarantees the highest levels of safety for the operator and also for the escaping persons.

With consideration of DGUV 208-44 and DIN EN 13241-1, the door was tested by TÜV Süd and then conformity declaration TT019/1 (de)was drawn up.

  • Optimum goods and personnel flow in sales, warehouse or production

  • The high-speed door opens and closes automatically. Manual opening as with a door is not necessary.

  • Disruptive draughts are prevented

  • It is very important in the retail sector that customers do not wander into the warehouse

  • The door fits seamlessly into your business thanks to door curtain customisation / printing using full digital prints.

Further information about our escape route door.

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