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Is your door defective? Our fitters can repair your  door quickly and without complications so you can rapidly re-integrate your door into normal operation. 

If you only require spare parts from us, we will also be happy to help you. As a manufacturer, we can supply you with spare parts for HaWe Speed doors and also spare parts from other major door manufacturers. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.

Maintenance and inspection

In accordance with Workplace Directive ASR A1.7 (de), all doors in commercial areas must be inspected by expert personnel before commissioning.

Following this, an UVV inspection (de) is to be undertaken at least once per year. This annual UVV inspection does not protect you from expensive compensation claims in the event of damage. Operational reliability is increased and service life is extended by regular inspection and maintenance.

Only specially trained, expert personnel are used by HaWe Speed for UVV inspections and maintenance. The inspections are performed strictly in accordance with the specifications in the respective inspection log book. If an inspection log book is not present, we will create one for you.

If the UVV inspection of your door reveals no faults, the door then receives a test mark. In addition, each inspection is logged.

We can inspect  your door - irrespective of its make and type.


We have a permanent team of highly-qualified in-house fitters that are firmly integrated into our company. Our decades of experience in installing doors guarantees you professional implementation that is compliant with standards. Furthermore, where required, we work together with external contract partners in installation so that we can flexibly respond to your wishes at any time.

Get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.


Consultancy and planning are important requirements of all successful projects.

Whether you need support with tenders, technical support with product selection or would simply like to have a technical discussion. We do not restrict ourselves to just product supply, if required, we can offer you a complete service package. Our internal sales team and the regional field teams of HaWe Speed guarantee you customer-orientated consultancy.

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