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High-speed doors in escape routes and emergency routes with TÜV certification for escape route approval

Our high-speed doors for emergency and escape routes have been inspected and approved by TÜV Süd with the TT 019/1 conformity declaration (de). Inspection was carried out in accordance with DGUV 208-044 (de) and DIN EN 13241-1. Hence our high-speed doors in emergency and escape routes comply with all legal directives. They are based on the tried-and-tested HaWe Speed 06 high-speed door and guarantee a frictionless flow of people & goods.

In an emergency, things need to go quickly. Gates and doors that are installed in openings for emergency and escape routes must comply with high safety specifications. For high-speed doors with escape route approval, in an emergency the escape function and reliable opening must also be guaranteed in addition to safe operation during normal operations.

Safety features of our high-speed door for emergency and escape routes

In the event of power loss, the high-speed door from HaWe Speed opens fully automatically by means of a counterweight and clears a free route for escaping persons.  The door also opens automatically if a component fails (e.g. brake defect) while power is connected.

The belt (counterweight) is permanently controlled with the help of a monitoring lever. In the event of anomalies with the belt (e.g. belt breakage), the safety switch mounted on the monitoring lever is activated and the escape route door is automatically raised.

In addition, an automatic check of the door system takes place every 24 hours.

For daily operations, our escape route doors on the escape route side are equipped with a TÜV-certified, fail-safe radar motion detector. At the same time, this also serves as an opener for the staff. In accordance with approval conditions, the radar motion detector must be set so that it detects persons within a 1.5 m radius of the door. The motion detector must trigger in the direction of escape for persons travelling at speeds above 0.1 m/s.

According to the approval specifications for automatic doors in escape routes, a clearly visible "Emergency open" switch is to be mounted next to the escape route door on the escape route side. In accordance with DIN 4844-2 , a green / noctilucent label is attached above the button.

After pressing the emergency button, the high-speed door stays open. Re-commissioning of the high-speed door may only be undertaken manually by trained operating personnel.

Depending on the desired version, a radar motion sensor is also attached on the side of the door facing away from the escape route which guarantees the highest levels of safety for personnel. If desired, light grids can be installed in the lateral guide rails to provide the necessary occupational health & safety.

With or without viewing window

The doors have a viewing window in the standard version. However, if desired by the customer, the doors can also be supplied without viewing windows to ensure that there is no view of sensitive areas.


Individually configurable

Our door shutters can be customised on one side with digital print. This means that the area of the door can be printed to suit your corporate design. Thus, the escape route door fits seamlessly into your operation, especially in sales rooms. The print is extremely wear-resistant and provides a pleasant display, even when frequently used.

Approval of the high-speed door in escape routes

This system is approved by TÜV Süd up to door dimensions of 4000 x 4250 mm (w x h), wherein separate expert inspection (by building contractor) is not necessary. HaWe Speed fitters are authorised to perform this inspection themselves.

High-speed doors that are larger than 4000 x 4250 mm (w x h) can also be supplied and fitted under certain circumstances. However, due to the size this requires individual inspection by an external expert.

Irrespective of which emergency and escape routes are to be installed, an automatic door in the escape route must be approved in the planning stage of the project by the lower building authority. In general, the lower building authority is the civil engineering authority of a city or municipality. In Germany, the ruling for installation of a high-speed door in emergency and escape routes can vary depending on the federal state.


We would be happy to provide you with all details of our high-speed doors for emergency and escape routes. Our staff members will provide you with non-binding advice. Click here for our contact persons in sales. Get in touch with us.

You can download (de) the conformity inspection certificate here for your records.

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