Strip curtains

PVC strip curtains are among the most affordable   possibilities for sealing openings and are particularly suited as protection from draughts, for noise protection  and as a thermal insulation measure. Thanks to their robust design, the Type "SE" strip curtains are primarily suited to use in areas with high personnel and forklift traffic.

Our Type "SE" strip curtains are used in many sectors of the economy such as agriculture,  meat and food- processing companies, consumer markets, cold stores, hospitals, warehouses, commercial and industrial organisations, vehicle construction and much more.

The high transparency of the PVC strips has a  positive influence on lighting conditions and hence a proportion of the  illumination can be saved.
As a result of the different strip widths and overlap options, leak-tightness can be variably configured (depending on the opening).
The  individual strips are suspended on a support tube using holding sleeves. Strip curtains up to 4.5 m in height and V2A curtains are supplied with blue plastic holding sleeves.

All steel parts are galvanised (standard). For food areas, the strip curtains can also be supplied in V2A (corrosion-resistant stainless steel). As an option, the strip curtains can also be supplied in multiple units that can be moved aside.

It is possible to equip strip curtains that can be moved aside with an electric drive.


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